ICTS airport fundraisers celebrate ‘mission accomplished’

15 Apr 2015

They crossed the finishing line at the airport with arms raised in triumph....and so they might!

For this team of intrepid long-distance cyclists from the ranks of airport security firm, ICTS, arrived back to a hero’s welcome.

They’d cycled 900 miles around Ireland, calling with their colleagues in Shannon and Dublin airports along the way, and raised a total of over £10,000 for Cancer Focus NI.

The team, made up of Chris Armstrong, Eamon McManus, Stacey Dickie, Claire Boyles and Angelene Loughran, set off on their 9-day trek with the intention of visiting at Donegal, Sligo, Galway, Limerick, Cork, Wexford, Dublin, Monaghan and arriving back at Antrim.

Airport Operations Director, Alan Whiteside, was on hand to congratulate the fund-raisers on what he described as “an enormous and worthwhile achievement”.

Alan added: “Chris, Eamon, Stacey, Claire and Angelene can say its ‘mission accomplished’. They don’t look the worst for wear after such a feat of stamina and endurance, and that speaks volumes for their focus and preparation.

“I’m certain it wasn’t an easy challenge, or one they undertook lightly, but they came through with flying colours. That glass of champagne they were given at the end of the line was never more richly deserved.”

ICTS Director, Ashley Bancroft, was of the first to congratulate the cyclists.

Ashley said: “This was a most worthwhile venture, and one the team fully embraced. More than that, they got the full backing of their colleagues at the airport and their families and set about the task of reaching their fund-raising target of £10,000 with altruistic dedication and vigour.

“I’m hugely proud of what they’ve done, both for themselves and, of course, Cancer Focus NI. They are an inspiration to us all.”

Suzie Colledge, Cancer Focus NI thanked the ICTS cyclists for their Herculean effort, adding: “This isn’t just about money. It’s about what the money can do to help local people affected by cancer. For example, £10,000 is enough to pay for support counselling for over 40 cancer patients and their loved ones for a full year.

“We’re indebted to the ICTS team for successfully achieving this very demanding goal. At a time when money is tight, their fund-raising is all the more important. It is a welcome boost and will be put to great use at Cancer Care NI.”

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