PJ snaps top shots during airside visit

13 Jul 2015

Say ‘hi’ to a lad with a keen eye, and a future as a photographer.

He’s PJ Bowman, and he captured some superb runway images of the Virgin Atlantic 747-400 when he visited the airport with his friends, Matthew and Chris Dobson, whose father was the Captain of the inaugural flight to Orlando. 

Of the five photos PJ supplied, we’ve opted for this one of the iconic aircraft with the terminal in the background. To view the others go to our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/belfastairport) or @BelfastAirport on Twitter.

Sixteen year-old PJ developed an interest in photography in, as he puts it, “my late primary school years.”   

PJ adds: “I found that my family and friends were complimenting the photographs I took ... I have enjoyed experimenting with my Canon DSLR camera (and my iPhone!), and I’m doing my best to learn new techniques and continue to build upon my experience, equipment and knowledge as I go.”

PJ’s dad worked in aviation, and he recalls asking him a constant stream of questions about airports and aviation. Not surprising, therefore, that his trip to the airport with Matthew and Chris, and their mum, Andrea, was something to savour.

“I found the visit captivating and especially enjoyed having the privilege of being able to take close-up photographs from the runway, the highlight being none other than the arrival of the mighty Boeing 747 (AKA the Queen of the Skies). 

“I consider myself a fairly regular airport user, but was staggered to see and learn what goes on behind the scenes. Even now, I’m still recalling my visit to the International and realising just how fortunate I was to be given such rare opportunity to be allowed to see what goes on airside, and I once again express my gratitude to Graham Keddie and everyone involved for a memorable day.”

So, does PJ wish to pursue a career as a ‘snapper’? “I have always had my heart set on becoming a teacher, and still do. However, I’m keeping my options open and with photography being one of my major interests you never know, things can always change.”


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