‘Your Airport, Our Business, Your Welcome’

9 Jul 2015

Our vision - ‘Your Airport, Our Business, Your Welcome’ - is our aspirational goal of what we want to achieve and to endorse the identity and culture of Belfast International Airport.

It paints the picture of what Belfast International Airport stands for, what we are trying to achieve and why we do what we do.  It will support our understanding of where we are going so that everyone can align and commit how we do things to our vision and values.

The benefits of our vision and values will strengthen attraction and retention to Belfast International Airport, engagement and satisfaction of our employees, embedding our culture, corporate reputation, effectiveness, motivation and inclusiveness.

Our vision and values will become a powerful tool and motivator. Our employees can rally behind a common goal that clearly benefits themselves and the company. 

When everyone knows what is expected of them, they enjoy a greater sense of purpose and can better focus on their responsibilities and role within the company.  They will also act as a guide for everyone in their actions and decision making – if it doesn’t fit within our values of Integrity, Inclusiveness, Leadership, Team, Safety and Service, Communication and Being Positive, then don’t do it.

It was important to secure buy-in from all of our employees and to set out how each and every one involved in the business can help. Inevitably, ‘V&V’ has become the shorthand for Vision and Values, which all employees have signed up to, but there is no shorthand for the commitment and sense of oneness that stems from knowing that all of us share the same objectives and are heading in the same direction.


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