Sail Through Security This Summer

10 Aug 2016

Like most UK airports, at this time of year it’s pretty busy, especially at airport security! Passenger safety is our top priority, and so we do everything we can to screen travellers as quickly as possible while ensuring we adhere to our security standards.

It’s reassuring to know. But when you’re standing in a long queue and faced with the prospect of rushing to the departure gate don’t you wish there was a faster way! We can’t skip any steps on our end but there might be a few things you can do to get through the queues faster!

The more prepared our passengers are the better. Check out our top tips for a smoother, stress free security experience

1. Limit Your Liquids

Anything over 100ml will have to go in your hold baggage – the bag you check in. If it’s under 100ml you can take it on board, just make sure you carry it in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag and when your approaching security make sure you take this out of your hand baggage for inspection.

We know it’s easy to forget so do a quick, last minute check before you join the queue!

2.Have Devices on Show

Mobile phones, laptops and other electrical equipment will have to be removed from hand luggage and screened separately so have these packed for easy access. This includes: iPads, hairdryers, straighteners, speakers, cameras, docking stations and even irons - if you happen to be carrying one!

Don’t forget to make sure that your devices are charged and can be switched on. By law if it doesn’t switch on when requested you may not be able to bring it on to the aircraft and we don’t want that.

3.Medicines and Baby Foods are ok

This one can cause some confusion among travellers but rest assured it’s perfectly fine to carry medicines and baby foods in your hand luggage for use during the flight. Just be sure to separate this from your hand luggage for screening.

You’re also allowed to carry essential medicines of more than 100ml in your hand luggage, provided that they have a prescription or doctors note for the medication.

Please note, you can only carry through security the quantity of liquid medication or baby food needed for the journey and sterilised water must be carried in a baby bottle.

4.Have your Documents Ready

With the popularity of online check-in many of us tend to rock up to the airport with our documents locked away in our bags and forget we need to have these to hand. Some people also tend to forget to print or download their boarding card which means a trip back to the check-in desk and lost time on your part.

Always remember that in order to enter security, you must have your passport ready for inspection and boarding card on hand to be scanned.

If you choose to have your boarding card on your mobile phone, make sure it’s downloaded and stored correctly to avoid any last minute hassle.

If you print your boarding card it’s usually a good idea to store this in a separate wallet with your passport so they are conveniently kept together and easy to retrieve when needed.

5.Dress for Efficiency

One of the biggest passenger frustrations is having to remove items at security only to have to fiddle to get them back on after screening.

Unfortunately, it has to be done but you can save yourself some time! As you wait in the security queue, remove keys and loose coins from pockets, remove your watch, belt and wear as little jewellery as possible so you have less to remove.

If you can wear shoes that slip on, or have zips stick to these. When travelling with children it’s definitely easier to use Velcro shoes – no laces no problem!

As Belfast International reclaims its position within the top 10 UK airports, a record number of passengers are expected to travel through Belfast International over coming months. So if you are unsure about bringing a certain item through airport security check out our security page.

And if you know in advance that you will be stuck for time on departure day, you can always beat the queues and purchase Priority Security for just £3 - book online or at kiosks in the terminal.

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