Another 115 jobs on the way at Belfast International

4 Feb 2016

A further 85 full-time and 30 part-time jobs are being created by six businesses operating at Belfast International Airport.

This latest batch will bring to 298 the total number of new jobs announced at the airport within the past two months.

The jobs are across a wide cross-section of aviation support activities including on-site food outlets, taxi operations and private charter services.

 All of the jobs will be featured at an Airport Jobs Fair to be held in the Templeton Hotel, Templepatrick, next Monday afternoon, 8th February.

This is the third consecutive announcement of a major jobs boost at the airport and will mean the injection in wages of more than £1.5 million into the Northern Ireland economy.

Caterers SSP is planning to increase its workforce by 20 full-time and 30 part-time staff while the Fed & Watered outlet will add 10 new employees to the payroll.

The airport taxi firm, Belfast Airport Taxis, is taking on thirty additional drivers to deal with the expected increase in passenger numbers with planned expansion by existing airlines and the opening of a three-aircraft hub by Ryanair at the end of March.

Catering, retail and logistics company, LSG, has sixteen places to fill. Private charter company, Jet Assist, will create six jobs with Car Care Solutions adding three additional jobs.

All of the jobs are being created at no cost to Government job-creation agencies or the taxpayer.

Belfast International Airport Director of Commercial Development, Brian Carlin, said: “These jobs have little or no lead-in times. There’s a need for them now as we prepare for a bumper year with hundreds of thousands more passengers.

“Right across the board, we’re seeing welcome growth. Airlines and airports generate jobs and new business opportunities at little or no cost to the taxpayer.

“We’ve announced almost 300 new jobs over a nine-week period and that’s the equivalent of a major overseas inward investment costing millions of pounds. In a real sense, we’re growing the business without reliance on the public purse.

“All we ask in return is that Ministers do something more than say they recognise the importance of this business and get on with the job of putting in place a realistic, equitable and adequately resourced Air Route Development Fund to help us grow the network.

“We are making a difference, but we could do much more with a focused approach on an Air Route Development Fund and of course, addressing Air Passenger Duty which is an intolerable burden that is holding us back.”


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