Paving the way for Ryanair arrival

29 Feb 2016

Ryanair’s new Northern Ireland’s base is in the final stages of preparation at Belfast International Airport.

Builders, electricians and painters have created new, essential space for the airline in time for the commencement of operations at the end of March.

There’s a new training room, spacious facilities for crews and revamped space in the General Aviation Terminal to accommodate Ryanair’s engineering and storage needs.

Ever since the Ryanair announcement that it intended to open a three-aircraft base at the International, it has been ‘all systems go’ to meet the march deadline.

Initially, the airline will operate a five a-day service to Gatwick, utilising the slots given up by Aer Lingus as part of the IAG takeover.

Belfast International Airport Building & Civil Engineering Supervisor, Tommy Ringland, said the work to create the new ‘home’ for Ryanair was running ahead of schedule.

Tommy said: “This is a wonderful expansion for the airport, and our team worked flat out to make sure nothing was left to chance.

“The rooms and storage spaces look a bit bare, but we’ve literally moved walls and reconfigured rooms to make it all happen. We’re happy with the end result.

“We’ve got a few odds and ends to sort out before the furniture arrives but we’ll be more than ready to welcome the Ryanair personnel when they arrive on site shortly.

“These are exciting times for the International. While we were preparing Ryanair’s backroom accommodations, we were also managing the complete refurbishment of toilets at Burger King and the make-over in the Business Lounge.

“To say there is never a dull moment at the airport would be an understatement, but what other way would you have it?”

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