5 Tips For Jet-Setting In Style

21 Mar 2016

There's nothing more exciting than a long haul holiday or trip abroad. Travelling through different time zones, suspended in time before arriving at an exotic oasis. Sounds like a breeze - a dream come true really!

And it is, except we tend to forget that unless we are lucky enough to be travelling business class, this also means spending hours in a cramped cabin, struggling to sleep while cursing the uncomfortable clothing choices we made.

It doesn't have to be this way!

Simple preparation and a smart approach to dressing means you can have a much more comfortable, enjoyable experience and ooze true globetrotter panache.

1. Comfort Is The Name Of The Game

Everyone’s perception of style is different and level of comfort varies from person to person. Some people prefer to travel in leggings while others are happiest in skinny jeans.  Whichever  you prefer, we recommend you stick to a dark colour and wear something a little loose to give you some space to move around with ease.

 2. Pack Layers

We're all guilty of dressing for the sunny destination we're heading to rather than the journey we are about to embark on - cue shivering regret when the air-con kicks in mid air!

The solution? Layers! We suggest you pack extra layers in your hand luggage, this will save you hassle going through security. Once you're in the departure lounge wrap up in your comfortable layers and keep warm during the rest of your trip!

Not sure how to go about layering? Opt for a simple tee paired with a cardigan, jumper or a relaxed blazer. Bring the whole outfit together with a big scarf or pashmina - this won’t only up your style stakes, it will double as a blanket to keep you warm in chilly airport environments and during the flight.  

3. Simplicity Is Key

When jetting off to sunnier climes we feel compelled to dress in every colour of the rainbow. For your flight we recommend you dress in deeper colours making your look simple and sleek.  Bear in mind you’re going to be heading through security, so keep jewellery to a minimum. You can add personality to your outfit with a scarf, shoes or even your hand luggage bag

4. Best Foot Forward

When flying long haul it's critical that you're wearing the right shoes. You might be a diehard stiletto wearer on the ground but take our advice and opt for something more comfortable for your flight! Like we said simplicity is key, so avoid anything strappy, with buckles or without much flexibility because chances are your feet are going to swell a bit with pressure changes.

Wear supportive trainers, comfy ankle or calf boots even pumps or flat leather shoes would keep you right.

5. Clothes Are Only Half The Battle

So you have your outfit sorted - what else? People don't realise the impact flying can have on skin. On long haul flights especially, the air in the cabin can really dry the skin out leaving you looking tired and skin sallow on arrival. Don't fall at the last hurdle, apply a moisturising mask during your flight and arrive at your destination bright eyed and bushy tailed!

We swear by Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and the good news is you can pick some up from Aelia duty free at Belfast International Airport!  Keep skin supple and your body hydrated - drink plenty of water throughout the flight and be sure to grab some Evian face spray in the departure lounge to spritz and refresh your face!

Wherever you may be travelling to, we wish you a safe and enjoyable journey!


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