The birds and the ... bats!

23 May 2016

Friday saw a team of willing Belfast International Airport employees joining in Business in the Community NI’s annual Give and Gain Day. The event attracted volunteers from many varied businesses working to help local charities who need some additional expertise and assistance.

Perhaps our joinery skills may not be described as expertise, but the team was ready and willing to help ... and that’s just as important!

We descended on the Ecos Nature Centre at Ballymena and joined another team of volunteers from Norbev. Then Chris, from The Conservation Volunteers, outlined the project, of making boxes for bird and bats to nest in.

Ok - it all sounded easy - we had a plan, measuring tapes, saws, hammers, nails and, most importantly, wood! So, off we went. 

It took us a while to get a ‘system’ in place, but everyone’s strengths, and weaknesses (ok, some of our sawing skills simply weren’t up to the standard required!) soon became apparent and, before long, the first bird box was completed. 

We learned about the types of birds which would use the boxes to protect themselves from the elements and from predators. They also use them to roost and to build nests in. The boxes for the bats were slightly different with an opening underneath and grooves they can cling to.

Next up was climbing the ladders to erect the first of the 50 completed boxes. 

Gordon, one of our volunteers said of the event “We really enjoyed getting to grips with building the boxes. Once we did just that, there was no holding us back. There was a certain sense of satisfaction seeing the first bird box hanging in place.”


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