A healthy workforce ... Healthiest Workplace Survey

14 Nov 2016

Belfast International Airport has been stepping up to the mark, helping employees to become fitter and healthier through a range of health and well-being initiatives.

And it has borne fruit recently, when we came in the top ten of two categories in the Vitality  Health Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Survey, in partnership with the Financial Times.

The survey, which has taken place over a four-year period and involved over 100,000 individuals and 400 employers, is undertaken to help understand the impact of employee health and engagement on productivity. It considers factors such as mental wellbeing, workplace stress and lifestyle behaviours and then benchmarks those against the participating organisations.

The categories we performed in the top ten were ‘Most Physically Active’ and ‘Lowest levels of Work Impairment’.

Our HR Manager, Jaclyn Coulter said of the results: ‘I’m delighted to see that we’ve performed so well when benchmarked against so many companies. We have a number of on-going health and wellbeing initiatives as part out of our Engagement Programme which we encourage our employees to participate in, including health fairs, healthy eating programmes, Pilate classes and ‘Mindfulness’ workshops to name a few .

“We believe that helping our employees live a healthy balanced life, in turn helps our business perform at its best. This is the first time we’ve been involved in the Financial Time’s Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Survey, but we are aiming to continue to build on the  work that we’ve already begun.”

Results of the survey can be found by clicking here.






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