100 new posts on offer at second Airport Job Fair

3 Oct 2016

Belfast International Airport is to hold a second Job Fair on Monday, 10th Oct, with up to 100 new jobs being created across a range of airport businesses.

Security firm, ICTS, is accounting for the bulk of the new jobs with thirty positions to fill. Caterers SSP has twenty-three posts on offer with a further ten available at Fed & Watered.

Other job opportunities include bus drivers, Police students, car valeting and currency exchange personnel. 

On-site enterprises in recruitment mode will attend the second Belfast International Airport Job Fair which will take place at the Hilton Hotel, Templepatrick, from 3-7pm.

Belfast International Airport Human Resources Manager, Jaclyn Coulter, said: “We were astonished with the response we got to our first Job Fair last year when literally thousands of people turned up to see what was on offer.

“This year, we have up to 100 positions to fill across seven/eight businesses, all of which are additional and not replacement posts. Growth in airline activity and passenger numbers are the main ‘drivers’ behind this expansion.

“This year, the airport will easily exceed five million passengers and the forecast for 2017 is a new record ‘north’ of 5.3 million. That means that on a rolling basis, we will see expansion in employment numbers right across all enterprises.

“In fact, some of our businesses on site are having difficulty recruiting people in sufficient numbers from the Antrim area. We are experiencing labour shortages in certain areas and are currently looking at ways of providing affordable transport to and from areas where direct links are not currently available.

“We have people on payrolls from every corner of Northern Ireland. The airport has a major economic impact not only in South Antrim, but right across Northern Ireland.”


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