Airport Police get body-worn video cams

10 Jul 2017

Belfast International Airport Police officers are to start wearing body-worn video cameras from today.

Use of the highly visible camera units will have a threefold purpose. They will serve as a deterrent, record images during an incident and also reduce the likelihood of vexatious complaints against officers.

The decision to fit the cameras to officer uniforms follows the successful deployment of BWV equipment in other constabularies, including the PSNI.

Airport Station Sergeant Lynn McLaughlin said: “Body worn video has proven its worth elsewhere and after assessing the system, we had no hesitation in adding it to our standard issue kit.

“They give added protection to our men and women who sometimes have to deal with challenging situations.

“The camera makes people think twice before doing something silly, and that’s also to their benefit of the individual who really doesn’t want to be arrested and taken through the Courts.

“Our officers have been fully trained in their use and are looking forward to making them a normal part of our everyday policing, protecting passengers and the airport.

Belfast International Airport Managing Director, Graham Keddie, says body worn video cameras will give an added dimension to the work of the Airport Constabulary.

Mr Keddie said: “A large part of what our officers do is head off disruption or trouble before it becomes an issue. Body-worn cameras will greatly assist in that task.

“They will also serve to reduce ill-founded complaints against officers. They are a distinct and valuable addition to the range of equipment at the disposal of our officers.”

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