Interviews can be daunting …

13 Jul 2017

Employability skills

No matter what your age, going for a job interview is always a daunting experience.

Five students from St Rose's Dominican College in Belfast, came along to Belfast International Airport recently where the airport’s Lorna Brown and Cathy Mullan carried out mock interviews with them.

The aim was to help the pupils build their confidence and develop their interview skills so that they would be a step ahead when it comes to attending interviews and applying for jobs. 

Following the mock interviews, Cathy Mullan, who works in the airport’s Human Resources Department, said:

"The girls were well prepared and demonstrated excellent communication skills. It was a great experience to help them build on their strengths, address their weakness and to answer the questions they had so they will be better informed for any interviews they have in future."

The students were of the same mind with Dami commenting, "It was a really interesting day. I've never done an interview before so it was good to see what I was doing right and what I could learn to do better when I go for a proper interview." 

A successful day all round - and who knows what the future may bring? Someday, the students may even be at the airport for the real thing!

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