‘Better value’ Belfast International Airport targets Dublin in Phase Two of RoI ad campaign

11 Sep 2017

Belfast International Airport is embarking on Phase Two of a major advertising campaign aimed at attracting more passengers from the Republic of Ireland.

The hard-hitting advertisements directed at persuading passengers away from Dublin Airport will appear in local newspapers and radio stations throughout the six southern border counties. The three-week campaign gets underway today (Monday, 11th Sept).

The adverts will also feature on social media platforms and mobile ad bikes in Letterkenny, Donegal, Sligo, Monaghan, Dundalk and Drogheda.

‘Forget Dublin, we’re flying’ addresses the long drive passengers have to make to and from the Republic of Ireland’s main airport.

The campaign also tackles the long delays being experienced in Dublin with long queues for US flight pre-clearance.

‘Cheaper, nearer simpler’ is the key message to the tens of thousands of passengers from southern border counties who can fly to seventy-plus destinations from the main ‘gateway’ in the northern half of the island.

Belfast International Airport Managing Director, Graham Keddie, said: “Phase One was an outstanding success. We’ve seen many thousands more price-conscious passengers from across the border favouring our airport over Dublin, and the trend is increasing.

“We will have 600,000 passengers from the Republic of Ireland this year, encouraged by the currency advantage but made aware of the very real advantages of flying from our base. We know we offer better value and ease of access, and this campaign is about spreading the word.

“Yes, we’re having a go at the main opposition, just as they are visible in Northern Ireland trying to ‘poach’ business here. We make no apologies for fighting back and offering people from the south a real alternative. That’s business!

“We’ve just had twenty-six consecutive months of double-digit growth and are set for a record year. Our airlines are offering more routes, more short and long-haul holiday destinations and we will continue to strive to extend our coverage in 2018.

“This advertising campaign has been hugely worthwhile and I see no reason why we won’t return with something similar next year.”

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