Made for walking … well, and flying (of course)!

8 Jun 2018

May was National Walking Month. With the longer evenings, it gives us more time to go for walks and explore the outdoors.

And to join in the national activities, 7 teams from the airport decided they would take up walking, challenging each other to see which team could cover the most miles during the month.  Our challenge was to virtually walk around Northern Ireland covering 400 miles in 4 weeks. 

Our 7 teams were:

  • 4 Digits (Finance)
  • The Walking Dead (Car Parks)
  • Obesity Boys (Car Parks)
  • The Walkie Talkies (Human Resources)
  • Happy Feet 3 (Operations)
  • The Commercial Proclaimers (Commercial)
  • The Non-Compliants (Compliance/Security)

Using the MyVirtualMission App – our teams paced the great outdoors before, during and after work, counting their miles as they went, as well as capturing some of the wonderful scenery on our own doorsteps.

They had various reasons for taking on the challenge.

Karen Brady from the ‘4 Digits’ team said: “It was great fun.  I decided to take part because I had been trying to get fitter and it’s more of an incentive when you are part of a team challenge. There’s a bit of effort involved, probably more than I initially thought, but our team rallied together and we managed to complete the challenge.”

While winning is not important (after all, it’s the taking part that counts!) ‘The Walking Dead’ were the leaders at the end of the month having walked the entire 400 miles in just over three weeks. ‘4 Digits’, ‘Obesity Boys’ and ‘The Commercial Proclaimers’ also completed the challenge within the timeframe. 

The teams walked, ran, and when necessary, crawled a grand, cumulative total of over 2,364.4 miles – almost enough to stretch the whole way across North America!!

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