‘Sip & Stone’ extends hospitality to Belfast Boys’ Model students

15 Mar 2018

The recent opening of SSP’s new ‘Sip & Stone’ restaurant at Belfast International Airport provided an opportunity for Year 12 and 13 Hospitality students from Belfast Boys’ Model School to see the hospitality industry at close hand.

The Hospitality Curriculum asks that students develop an understanding of the hospitality industry including how the industry meets people’s needs and which skills are needed to provide food and drink for customers. 

Career’s in hospitality can include hotel/restaurant managers, chefs, waiters and events managers.

The 26 Belfast Boys’ Model students arrived two days before ‘Sip & Stone’ opening to see, at first hand, the planning and preparations that take place before the doors of any restaurant open.

Jaclyn Coulter, Belfast International Airport Head of HR, said: “As part of the Education strand of our Corporate Responsibility programme, we liaise with Boys’ Model on a range of activities.  One of these is providing practical experience for students studying subjects which are related to the businesses within the airport.

Teacher Ms Susan Todd, who accompanied the students, said: "Taking students into Belfast International Airport to visit the new 'Sip & Stone' restaurant was an excellent opportunity for them to see how the Hospitality Industry works in the real world." 

“Although we can discuss and research the different roles and responsibilities, nothing compares to actually getting out and speaking to the people who are already involved.

“Giving our students the freedom to order their own food and see how the system works from the till point cashiers through to the baristas, chefs and waiters, helps them to gain a better appreciation of how all the different elements have to fit together in a busy food outlet."

Comments from the students themselves really summed up the day:

"Great food and lots of choice."
"It's good to get out of school to see people doing the jobs we learn about."
"Delicious Hot Chocolate"
"Big fry for breakfast, what's not to like?"





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