‘Little Women’ pursue their dreams

8 Sep 2018

Last month saw a visit to Belfast International Airport of ten young women seeking careers in firefighting.

Well … that might be a little bit of a stretch but certainly the 10-11 year olds were being encouraged by ‘Little Women NI’ to consider the possibility of a career in what may once have been considered a male domain.`

One of the airport’s firefighters, Rachael Garrett facilitated the firefighting workshop taking the girls through a series of specially designed activities and sharing their experiences as firefighters.

Laura Dowie, founder and director of Little Women NI thanked Rachael and the airport for assisting with the event, saying: “Seeing and hearing from real-life role models is vital in helping the children realise what is achievable and that they can be anything they want to be, irrespective of gender, if they work hard.” 

Following the workshop, Belfast International Airport’s firefighter, Rachael Garrett said: “The feedback from the girls was really positive. At the start of the day I asked if any of them wanted to be firefighters and 2 hands went up. Some of the girls already had other careers in mind. However, by the end of the day, when I asked again, 4 out of the group raised their hands.

“Hopefully educational events such as this one will open young girls’ minds to the possibility of becoming firefighters or perhaps some looking at other careers which they may not have considered. Hopefully we are inspiring the next generation to be confident, to continue to challenge the norm and to pursue their dreams.”

 Photos: Jim McGann Photography




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