Car Park Information

Car Park Information

Everything you need to know about Car parking at Belfast International... The image to the right shows the location of all the different car parks tailored to suit the needs of all our valued passengers.



Directions to car park

For directions to Belfast Airport by road visit here.

On approach to the airport please follow the signs to your designated car park.

Using Satellite Navigation Systems: The Airport's postcode is BT29 4AB - if directed to Crumlin, exit via the Nutts Corner Road and follow the signs to Belfast International Airport. Satellite Navigation Co-ordinates - 54°39'27 N 006°12'57 W

For up to date traffic information log on to the Roads Service website:




How do I use my Parking reservation?

On Arrival

Please drive up to the entry barrier. DO NOT press for a ticket. The system will recognise your car registration in approximately 30 seconds and the barrier will open automatically. simply park in a space of your convenience and make a note of where you have parked and the nearest bus stop, if applicable.

If for any reason the barrier does not automatically raise please scan either your paper or mobile ticket, received in the booking confirmation email, onto the entry machine.

If you still have an issue please press the intercom for assistance and be ready to quote your booking reference number.

On Return

Please return to your vehicle and make your way to the exit barrier.

The barrier will raise automatically on your approach. If the barrier fails to raise or if you entered using your paper or mobile tickets then you can scan these against the machinery for exit.

If any overstay fee is applicable this will be displayed on the exit column and can be paid by either debit card or credit card at this point.

If, for any reason the barrier does not raise, please press the intercom for assistance and be ready to quote your booking reference number.

Turn up & Pay Information

Access Options

On Arrival you can insert your debit/credit card into the machine when you arrive at the barrier. The machine will read your details and issue the card back to you. At this stage no ticket will be issued and no amount billed.

On departure insert the same debit/credit card you used to gain entry and follow the on screen instructions, your card will be debited with the correct amount and returned to you with a receipt. 

Alternatively you can press for a ticket to enter the chosen car park. On your return, payment should be made at the automatic machines within, and adjacent to, the terminal building before returning to your vehicle.

The machines accept all major credit and debit cards (with exception of AMEX), Cash (change can be given). Alternatively you can pay at the exit barrier machine with your debit/credit card by following the on screen instructions. This will require the ticket to be firstly inserted into the machine and followed by the payment card when the value has been shown on screen.

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Car Park FAQ

How do I make a booking?

There are 4 easy steps to successfully make a booking:

  • Select your date and times for arrival and departure
  • Complete your passenger details
  • Complete your payment details
  • Print out your confirmation invoice and email

 (Remember your confirmation email, you may need this for proof of purchase)

Can I Book at Short Notice?

 Yes, you can make a car park booking right up until your arrival time , subject to availability.


How far ahead can I book?

You can make a booking up to 24 months in advance of your travel date, subject to availability.



How are parking charges calculated?

Pre-booked car parking prices are based on a 24 hour period or part thereof. The number of days charged for when a customer pre-books is calculated based on the dates and times selected when making the booking.


What payment methods are accepted?

 Belfast International Airport accepts the following credit and debit cards:-

  • Mastercard Credit,
  • Mastercard Debit,
  • Visa Credit Card,
  • Visa Debit Card.


Can I change or cancel my booking?

Yes, All changes and cancellations can be made right up to the time of arrival.

Should you have any queries, please do contact us on the following:

Car Park Office:  028 944 84851
Address: Commercial Department, Belfast International Airport, Belfast, Co. Antrim, BT29 4AB*

*Please don’t write to us: we do not accept booking changes or cancellations by post.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

You can cancel or amend your booking at any period up to 24 hours before your booking is scheduled to commence at no extra charge. 

Why is there no availability for the dates I am trying to book?

This could be because:

- The car park is fully booked for part or all of your stay

- You do not meet the booking conditions for that product

- Discounted products are only available for certain dates and have a fixed allocation of spaces for these dates

It is unlikely that you will find no availability, however if this is the case please feel free to contact us.

What do I do if I have not received my booking confirmation?

If you have booked online, or by phone but asked for the confirmation to be e-mailed to you, you should have received confirmation within an hour of booking. If you do not, you should check why as soon as possible.

First check that it has not been blocked by a "spam" filter or is in your "junk" e-mail box. If it has been, please alter your settings to allow e-mails from us, otherwise you may not receive important information from us about your booking.

If you still have not received it, log into your account and go to 'your bookings'. Check that you have given us the right e-mail address. If it is incorrect, re-enter your e mail address and press confirm, then ‘resend email'. This should then send the booking confirmation to you.

Please don’t write. It may be that we have no record of your booking, in which case you will not be allowed to enter the car park without paying again. You will only get a refund if we are at fault, and if you have tried to contact us to put it right but we have not done so. We consider this to be fair, because unless you contact us we might not be able to tell if the booking was made in the first place.

How do I ‘Manage My Booking’?

To amend or cancel your car park booking online. You can amend all your details including car registration, payment card details and dates for your car parking at Belfast International Airport.

You can access the your bookings by Logging into your account, going and following the onscreen options.


What is ‘Display Previous Bookings’?

This allows the customer to view all previous car park bookings made in the last 12 months. By entering your email address and post code used when making your last booking, you will gain access to this information.

What co-ordinates do I enter into my Sat Nav to get to Belfast International Airport?

Satellite Navigation Co-ordinates - 54°39'27 N 006°12'57 W

Do I have to tell you if I am coming in a different car than I said when I booked?

Yes and No.

Entry to the car park is gained using cameras to record your car registration number; therefore, if you arrive in a different car, we cannot match its registration to the booking. However, the printed or mobile tickets provided in the confirmation email can also act as a method of entry for when the cameras fail to read your car registration correctly or it is a different car you have arrived in.

If you are unable to amend your booking before arriving, please gain entry via the confirmation tickets QR code by scanning this against the machine at the entry.

If you remain to have issues, please press the intercom button and be ready to state your booking reference.

How do I register a complaint or comment?

We are committed to achieving the highest standard of customer care. Should you feel unhappy about any aspect of the service you have received please email

What do I do when I get to the car park?

The confirmation email you will receive gives comprehensive instructions on car park entry and exit procedures. This information is also available by in this section of Car Park Information.


What happens when I return?

The car park exit procedure is very straightforward and will be detailed in your confirmation email.

Can I book disabled a space?

No, but all our car parks have disabled spaces for use by blue badge holders. There is a help button and assistance contact number at the entrance to every car park: please use it if you need any help.

If you hold a blue badge please visit here for more information.

Do I need to hand my keys in?

No, we operate a ‘Self Park’ policy, which means you park in the space you want, and keep your own keys. No worrying about strangers taking your car out for a drive.

Does booking guarantee me a space?

Yes. You do not get an allocated space, but you’ll get in somewhere. Very occasionally the car park may be full – maybe incoming flights have been delayed so more cars are in car park than we had expected, or maybe we have had to close a part of the car park to repair it. If you turn up and can't find a space, use the help button at the entrance to the car park and let us know.

If your chosen car park is full, we’ll give you a free upgrade, or, if that is not possible, put you in a cheaper car park and refund the price difference. If we are unable to do that, which is very unlikely, we’ll find you a space in another car park, and we will pay all of the parking charges for the same period that you had booked for with us. We will not though, in any circumstances, pay you any other expenses or compensation.

What if I have a trailer or caravan, or a large vehicle like a motorhome, limousine or tall van?

Please Contact us if your vehicle is unusually high, long, or wide, to check that it is not too big to use your chosen car park. If it is, and you have not checked with us first, you will not get a refund. Trailers, caravans etc must not be left without the vehicle towing them. Please refer to car park terms and conditions. 

Your vehicle must fit into a standard car parking space. Therefore, if you are intending to bring in any form of trailer, or large vehicle, you should Contact us first; extra charges may apply. If you take up more than one space, you will have to pay for those extra spaces, at the same rate that you would pay had you not pre-booked. These charges will be debited to the same card that you used to make your booking. You must not park so as to use up more than one marked parking space, unless you have paid to do so.

Are there height restrictions in place?

Some of the car parks have height restrictions, details as follows:

The short stay and Drop off zone have a height restriction of 2.1m.


The main stay has an exit restriction under the canvas roof of 3.1m but alternate exits can be implemented.


All other car parks have no restriction.


What do you do with the data that you get from me when I book or use the car park?

First of all, we will never sell it to anyone else. We will use it in connection with your booking. Unless you have agreed otherwise (see next point) we will delete it when we don’t need it any longer.

If you ticked the box on the booking form, we add you to our database for sending you news about Belfast International Airport, special offers, and so on, but you can "unsubscribe" at any time by clicking the link that we will be on each e-mail. We might also send you stuff through the post or to your phone, but again you can ask us not to at any time by e-mailing or writing to us (not phoning): see Contact us. ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras are used to match vehicles with bookings.

Both ANPR and CCTV cameras are used for operational and security reasons, public safety, law enforcement, and for monitoring compliance with Car Park Regulations. We may, therefore, record and store, use images and data relating to you or to a vehicle. By entering a car park you consent to the capture and use of images and data for the purposes stated in this clause. We may also pass data and images to the police or third parties in connection with such purposes.

Do I have to put my credit/debit card into the machines at entry or exit to the car park?

No. All our car parks work by number plate recognition cameras. You may be charged again if you insert your card. We’ll give you a refund though if we are satisfied that you do so by mistake, see Why have I been charged more than I thought? Can I get a refund?

What if my flight is delayed and I go over my pre-paid parking period?

You can pay for any additional parking time on your return? Normal gate rate charges apply

What if I arrive early before my pre-paid booking period begins?

You can pay for any additional parking time on your return. Normal gate rate charges apply. For example, if you arrive up to 3 days earlier than pre-booked, you can still park in your pre-booked car park and pay the additional overstay when you leave.

What happens if my vehicle breaks down in the car park?

Please call for assistance by contacting us using the nearest help point. 

What happens if I damage another vehicle?

You should report the matter immediately to a member of our staff and give them the registration number(s) of the vehicle(s) involved together with your full name and address, the name and address of your insurance company, and your policy number. In doing so, you are consenting to our passing this information to third parties for use in connection with the incident.

We may hold you responsible if, whilst in a car park or whilst using the transfer bus, you cause loss or damage to any person or property due to your act or negligence. Remember that you may be under a legal duty to tell the police.

What do I do if my vehicle is damaged in the car park, or stolen?

You should immediately tell a member of our staff, either in person or via the help button located at each entrance and pay station. If your car is missing and they do not know what has happened to your car, tell the police and your insurance company as soon as possible.

If you think that you have a claim against us for any reason you should Contact us in writing within 7 days of discovering any loss or damage, and tell us what happened, and what it is you are claiming. If you delay doing so, it may be difficult for us to check the facts or to find out who (if anyone) is to blame, and this may affect our ability to deal with your claim.

What is Belfast International Airport’s liability to me for loss or damage? Is it limited?

Damage to vehicles - We are only liable for damage to your vehicle if it is caused by our negligence, breach of our obligations in the contract between us, or breach of a duty imposed on us by Act of Parliament. We cannot accept liability for damage to your vehicle unless you make a claim before you leave the car park, and then follow our claims procedure from then on. If we do accept liability, our liability is limited to the reasonable cost of the repair, up to a maximum of £50,000, but subject to the Overall Limit.

Loss of vehicles - We are only liable for the loss of your vehicle if it is caused by our negligence, breach of our obligations in the contract between us, or breach of a duty imposed on us by Act of Parliament. If we do accept liability, our liability is limited to the reasonable cost of replacement on a like for like basis, up to a maximum of £50,000 per vehicle, but subject to the Overall Limit.

Loss of personal belongings - Please do not leave personal belongings in your vehicle. If you do, it is at your own risk, and any loss or damage may not be covered by your own insurance. We cannot accept liability unless loss or damage is reported to us before you leave the car park, follow our claims procedure, and it can be proved that your belongings were stolen by one of our employees or representatives. If we do accept liability, our liability is limited to the reasonable cost of replacement on a like for like basis, up to a maximum of £1,000 per item but subject to the Overall Limit.

Personal injury - You must take reasonable care in our car parks, for your own safety, and so as not to hurt anyone else. If you don’t, we may not be liable to you, or our liability may be reduced. Please see in particular Security in car parks and Safety in car parks: you must comply with what we say here. We do not accept responsibility for death or personal injury sustained whilst in our car parks, unless it is caused by our negligence, breach of our obligations in the contract between us, or breach of a duty imposed on us by Act of Parliament. However, if we are responsible for death or personal injury, the amount of our liability is unlimited.

Overall Limit - Our total liability arising out of any one incident, whether for damage, loss, theft, or any of them in combination, will not exceed £50,000. This limit does not apply to liability for death or personal injury.


Why have I been charged more than I thought? Can I get a refund?

Set out below are some of the reasons why you might have been charged extra. If you think that you might be entitled to a refund, e-mail or write to us (see Contact us); we do not accept applications for refunds by telephone. You might have been charged extra because:

- Your booking had not been processed, or did not include the correct information. We’ll consider a refund if it really wasn’t your fault but we are under no legal obligation to give you one. We make no promises though, because we clearly ask you to check that you get the booking confirmation and that it is correct and let us know if it isn’t, so we don’t think it’s our fault if you haven’t done this.

- You came in a different car from the one you booked for. As long as you were here for the period that you booked for, and (obviously) if the car you booked for wasn’t in any of our car parks at any time during that period, we’ll give you a refund.

- You booked one of our car parks, but used a different one. As long as you were here for the period that you booked for, we will refund the cheaper charge.

- You put your charge card into the machine on entry or exit. Again, as long as you were here for the period that you booked for, and the car you used matches the one on the booking, we’ll give you a refund.

- You arrived too early or left too late. Basically, you have parked for longer than you have paid for, so you will be charged for that. We’ll consider a refund if it really wasn’t your fault but we are under no legal obligation to give you one. E-mail us or write to us telling us what happened and we’ll consider it; no promises though. We do not accept applications for refunds by telephone.

- You did not book with us at all. We will charge you in full if you had booked a space in someone else’s car park, but used ours instead.

I have a question not listed above, who do I contact?

If you have any queries, please email and we will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours, at peak periods within 48 hours.

028 9448 4851 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)


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