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Last Updated: 26/09/2020 09:49:03

Airline From Flight No. Scheduled Status
Malta FR1717 09:15 ARRIVED
Newcastle EZY551 09:25 ARRIVED
Birmingham EZY192 09:30 ARRIVED
London Gatwick EZY833 09:30 ARRIVED
Gdansk FR3026 09:55 ARRIVED
Milan Bergamo FR1378 10:55 ESTIMATED 10:32
Airline To Flight No. Scheduled Status
London Luton EZY182 09:15 AIRBORNE
Malta FR1718 09:40 FINAL CALL
Alicante EZY6701 09:45 AIRBORNE
London Gatwick EZY834 10:00 FINAL CALL
London Stansted EZY256 10:15 FINAL CALL
Gdansk FR3027 10:20 CHECK-IN CLOSED

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